it seems like zach made it safely

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according to USA Today, the average tumblr user spends 2.5 hours a month on tumblr


more like 2.5 hours an hour.

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people i want to take home to meet my parents » kara lindsay

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"The blessing about my apartment in New York was that my landlord skipped town. There was no one to pay rent to, so I lived rent-free for about three years. It was a real blessing."


Anthony Rapp Rent (Mark Cohen)

You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen,

The guy who got payed to sing about how hard it was to pay rent 8 shows a week didn’t actually HAVE TO PAY RENT.

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don’t you hate it when money goes away when you spend it

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i feel like every week i’m just like “i need to get through this week”

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Ah, Newsies? I love that musical.

The way they just [clenches fist] ieses all this frikkin news

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[whispers] check out these rad as heck unchanged pronouns

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